services for individuals

tax planning and compliance

We know taxes. In fact it’s not just our specialty, it’s our passion. We help our clients develop tax strategies that work, and qualify for as many deductions and tax credits as possible to minimize tax liabilities. We work with individuals to guide them through the complex tax environment and offer tax planning assistance throughout the year.

We firmly believe that the best tax strategies come from viewing your lifestyle and finances holistically. You need advice that is practical to your everyday life. We like to take time to learn about your plans for the coming year –anticipated expenses, changes in employment, projects underway, etc. –so that we can accurately project and help minimize your tax burden. We encourage you to contact us throughout the year as circumstances change and you are faced with new decisions that may have a significant tax impact. 

Specific tax services include:  

  • Prepare federal and state tax returns for individuals
  • Advise clients on specific tax questions and assist in tax planning

If you would like more information about our tax services and the ways we can help you, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to talk with you further. We understand that each tax situation is unique so we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs or questions in more detail.