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  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Consulting

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accounting outsourcing

Are you finding it hard to balance the time your business needs with the time needed to keep up with the accounting to support it? We offer accounting outsourcing services to free you and your staff so you can concentrate on the business you've built. These services can be tailored to your company needs:

  • Act as a financial controller for your business
  • Process billings, disbursements and receipts
  • Account reconciliations
  • Payroll processing and reporting
  • General ledger and financial reporting
  • Internal control assistance
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow monitoring and planning

For more information on our accounting outsourcing services, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the specific needs of your organization in more detail.

financial reporting

Financial statements –whether compiled, reviewed, or audited –have become the single most important basis for measuring an organization's financial health. The banks need it. The owners rely upon it. Not only are these statements intended to provide accountability to management and comparability to other organizations, they are crucial for management's internal use in gaining an accurate perspective of where the organization stands and what changes need to be made to ensure a profitable and sustainable future.

We take the financial information you give us and help you make the necessary adjustments to arrive at an accurate picture of your organization’s financial operations and position. Then we help you understand and analyze the information so that you can make more informed decisions and plan strategically. Our goal is to handle the accounting technicalities so that you can put your time and energy into running your organization with greater effectiveness, which includes helping you improve your financial processes and reporting.

Specific financial reporting services include:

  • Audits, reviews, and compilations
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Accounting checkup

For more information on our financial reporting services, please contact us. We would be happy to walk through the specific needs of your organization in more detail.

tax planning and compliance

We know taxes. In fact it’s not just our specialty, it’s our passion. We help our clients develop tax strategies that work, and qualify for as many deductions and tax credits as possible to minimize tax liabilities. We work with business ownersto guide them through the complex tax environment and offer tax planning assistance throughout the year.

Whether you are a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietor, we have the experience and expertise to give you much needed insight into the tax planning opportunities available to your business. Should I purchase more equipment or hold on to my cash? What owner compensation arrangements are permissible and most advantageous for my business? These are just a few of the questions we can help you answer as you consider the tax implications of everyday business decisions. We want to help you determine your minimum legal tax liability.

Specific tax services include:  

  • Prepare federal and state tax filings for a variety of business entities, including sole proprietors, corporations, and LLCs.
  • Assist in compliance with payroll tax regulations
  • Advise clients on specific tax questions and assist in tax planning

If you would like more information about our tax services and the ways we can help your business, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to talk with you further. We understand that each tax situation is unique so we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs or questions in more detail.


Our consulting services are designed to provide the practical insight and solutions you need most for your business Our services can help you to identify the risks that need to be addressed and the opportunities to be capitalized. We customize our projects to fit the size and complexity of your organization. W are committed to giving you the tools and ideas to produce measurable results and keep your organization’s momentum headed in the right direction.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting checkup
  • QuickBooks™ training and assistance
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Payroll compliance
  • Risk management
  • Accounting policies and processes
  • Internal controls design and evaluation
  • Cash flow management
  • Revenue projections and forecasting
  • Cost management and budgeting
  • Accounting standards implementation
  • Theft and fraud investigations (forensic accounting)

We believe we can help your organization reach its full potential, and we would love to talk with you further. Please contact us and we will respond to your questions as soon as we can.